Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TOU Change - Applies to all images, old and new.

Hey everyone :)

I've recently found out that many people are misinterpreting my TOU..I've tried to make it as open as possible so you can actually use the images you purchase...the only real stipulation I have is that you don't claim the images as your own..

I thought that was pretty clear, especially as many that use my stuff are digital artists themselves, but after downloading a free kit yesterday which had four of my cookies in it, I found that there was absolutely nothing in the kit that gave any indication that the cookies in the kit are mine..

The filenames were changed
My copyright was removed off the images
There is no mention of who made the images in the kit makers TOU..

I spoke to a few people about it, and they showed me more than a couple of kits that do the same thing..

This is claiming my work by any definition of the now my TOU is as follows:

Do not pass these off as your own, by this I mean please make some mention of me somewhere in your creations.

You can do this by either:

1. Leaving my copyright intact on the image.
2. Stating in your TOU who made the images and a link to my blog and store.
3. Leaving the original filename intact.

You need not do all three but it's polite to do at least one.

Please don't share them with anyone, or on rapidshare, 4shared or them to where you bought them.

Otherwise, do with them as you will.

Where credit is required on tags etc please use the copyright that is on the images.

Thanks for understanding guys :)


Scrappers Delights said...

Hi Hun I love your creations and would hate to think I may be not be doing it according to your wishes :( XXX

I do remove the copyright image and change the filename but I have a full written Credits list including all designers names even if they do not require it ....I think it is only fair...can you tell me if this it enough

I love what you do and I would hate it if you disappeared from the digi community again XX

If you need to email me it is[IMG][/IMG]

Stina said...

Hey Lisa, I have to say yours are the BEST cookies I have seen anywhere and I love them to bits! Thank you for your gorgeous creations, and I agree with Scrappers Delight - I love what you do and would also hate to see you disappear from the digi community again (because of something like this). In fact I DITTO all her comment above! I would hate to think I was misusing them or not doing something right.

I too, remove the copyright (in most cases) but it is where it can be removed by whoever uses it anyway so it is not in the way, and I generallyt change the filename in accordance with my kits but I also have a full credits list with my TOU (in a separate file) including all designers names. But I DO state in your case © Poser by Lisa at Sophisticated Imaging and your URL. Even if the designers do not require credit I ALWAYS give credit because they work hard on their products too so it is only fair.

I think Scrappers Delight must be my She has said everything I do too.

Thank you again for your gorgeous creations!


Mary said...

I love your cookies & when I use any of yours from my collection I give you credit. Occasionally I find a kit with posers but no credit & if I cannot determine the origin of the poser I am very reluctant to use that kit for any tags or tuts. I usually credit you as Sophisticated Scraps along with your blog addy. I will try to leave the copyright intact on the posers that have one, although I may move it if it blocks some part of the tag. I checked my files & your earlier work doesn't have the c Lisa.
Your work tends to be distinctive & recognizable & you deserve credit - I certainly have had no success trying to do anything like it & look forward to your new releases (not this month - unfortunately I am so broke thanks to Dec & Jan)

Faerie said...

That is SO VERY Wrong! You do all this amazing stuff for us and then people steal from you?!?! How hard is it to give credit, and if you don't know where you got it then delete it and don't use it.
I'm SO sorry Hon!
You're amazing! Please don't let the jerks and the turkeys get you down!

WillowRaven said...

I agree with the other posts. It is so wrong to not credit you accordingly - in some fashion, as you have asked. I have not used any of your posers in my own kits and such, however when using them in tags, I credit them: Poser by Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps with the blog link. You do such wonderful work and I, too, would hate to see you leave or pull your beautiful creations because some do not wish to abide by some very simple, respectful rules.

KLani said...

Just wanted to let you know that i've read your newly revised TOU and that I understand and agree.

JT~Jane said...

Just wanted to let you know Lisa I like to use your Cookies in some of my kits. I've read your TOU and will abide by it. I'm more than happy to show proof of credit to any artist I use.
Keep up the great work Lisa please don't let a few rotten apples put you off again, your cookies are the best out there♥♥♥.

Sue~Wackywinnie said...

I am with Jane on the rotten apples..
I have read your TOU and about to use your cookies for the first time in a kit..
I have no problem leaving the file name intact or giving you the proper credit as it should be.I will also include a link to your blog and your TOU..
Thank you so much for what you do as I love them and think they are the best..♥♥♥

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