Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cookie - Deeta

Cookie is at her glamorous best inspired by the nortie 40s. The "Toni" cookie is based after a dear friend of mine and looks very much how I think she would've looked in the 40s - Foxy and smoking hot glamourous.


Anonymous said...

I tried buy your cookies at shop but unfortantly i could not use paypal i have had that problem when i wanted ami tubes to:((( Love your cookies i was going to buy the emo ones but i have tried everything and it wont work! but keep up this awesome work tho:D

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa, I just drop you a little message ... then first lol lol for my site on the dolls, but I do not feel comfortable with a site open to everyone! I returned to my secret world ...
By cons I will remain faithful to your universe and I'm happy to buy the last batch of dolls ... They are beautiful as always! Good day Xav

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